lives in San Francisco.A former neighbour when I was but a child. We correspond a lot on many topics and have exchanged views on the crunch/crisis - fascinating to get a U.S. perspective and he is a big investor who has also suffered over there.Well read and well informed.

Does your hippy mate think Martin Kennedy is in the White House?

( and I will be fascinated to hear it from the other side of the pond and he will doubtless quote his economic guru Klugman )

Oooh Ratty - I knew I could rely on you !! I suspect my buddy would approve your music tastes 'tho. I like the comment The american money system: go try find a savings account rate like you can in UK a fun tour. Americans Invest(risk), The British Save(safe). - that'll certainly produce some neat debating points when he arives !!

naive! tell that to the depositers in the 744 banks that failed in the US during the great depression. you are describing the way you want the world to work, not the way it are an incurable romantic that lives in a welfare state!

My apologies wrong end of the bread basket.
Thought we were Jewish Wall Street
Seems we are in Arnie Movie Cloud Town.

Why SHOULD we have been compensated ?
UK licenced CASH deposit takers can only take private savings under an enforcable guarantee of those savings.

Why should we NOT have been compensated ??
Does not come into the question our 'federal' government
does not have stars on the flag.
Bottom line is the Government could sell Buck House to Disneyland if forced as 'guarantor of last resort'