Hi,I live in a cave in a valley in South Wales.
I just bought this computer,but we have no gas or electricity so I had to go into town and buy several hamsters, bicycle dynamos and cages.
Having the hamster cage wheels all working in tandem with the dynamos to power my pc.
There is no daily post,but the mail is delivered by pony express once a week.
To get into town one has to wait on the river bridge and jump onto a passing log.Getting home is not so simple.
I'll not bore you all with the rest of it,since I have now moved nearer town.
I had one job for 38 years in the steelworks electrical department.
My work required every tool from a very small screwdriver to a thumping great sledgehammer, and also various test instruments.
I am in my sixties,and I will get my OAP later in the year.
I retired early at 55.
After I thought investing in shares was a mugs game from what I could foresee,though I failed to foresee the danger to my wealth when I gave a lot to Icesave.
I sold all my bank shares two years ago,so I was right with That decision anyway.
I like to chuckle as much as possible .
I think that's as much (maybe too much for you to know about me). OK ?
I'm off out for a pint now so don't any of you get icebound.