Below is what I had ready for puzzled next post
"New Political Party"
Electronic Scottish Conservatives?
As I understand it puzzled and husband had a joint icesave account
No doubt the house repair costs being paid from the savings account

Walking On Air
Gilly's club provided for the chat over the fence to your neighbour for puzzled in my view.

Occupation: Struggling farmer, semi-retired.
Lives; (now) S W Wales.
Posted by: vvpuzzled on 21/01/09 at 05:26 PM
Wrinkly Senile Mad Welsh Druid ? Well 4 out of 5 isn't bad but I was born in Surrey so Welsh I certainly am not. As for Druid, I have been called a witch by a builder who ripped me off and got the sharp edge of my tongue but that probably doesn't count.
I did try to hex him with a particularly uncomfortable spell but I don't think it worked.

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